Pathway Study Abroad, one of the fastest developing educational consultancy & International career counselling firm, providing expert guidance and  professional support to students seeking admissions to the universities & colleges around the World.

Pathway Study Abroad helps and assists students in achieving their dreams & career goals.

Career Counseling

Your career is your dream, correct? Yes, before you start anything with your career, we advice you to spend some time figuring out what those dreams are and how to turn them into reality in the best possible way.

So, the first step towards this is a self-assessment.

Pathway Study Abroad’s professional career counsellors can help you in finding out what skills you have developed and the types of things you do well to succeed in your career and life.

Choosing the right course of study

Choosing the right course of study depends on your qualification background, interest and affordability. Our educational consultants can help you choose the right course along with finding out if there is any a special discount or scholarships available for the course you choose.

Selecting the College or University

Our Consultants can assist you for the selection of best possible college or University. This is depends on your affordability and geographical location where you would like to study around the World.

Application & Admission Process

Pathway Study Abroad can assist you with the filling of application forms, guidance in preparation of all necessary documentation for your application.

Once the application documentation is completed, our efficient admissions team based in respective Countries enables simplified and faster admission process directly with the college or university that you choose.

Pathway Study Abroad also can help you with making the payments to the colleges and universities.

Visa Assistance

With the years experience and proven records we can help our students prepare visa documentation and applications.

Accommodation Support

Pathway Study Abroad can arrange accommodation that fits your needs and keep you feel as your 2nd home. We provide assistance to the students for accommodation by providing detailed information with respect to their college or university accommodation, hostel facilities, bookings, payments etc.

Travel Arrangements & Airport Pickups

Pathway Study Abroad can assist you in airline ticket booking through our subsidiary at a discounted rate.

Airport pick up and other travel arrangements, foreign currency, travel insurance, mobile phone service and other facilities also can be taken care of by us.