Student loans help students pay their tuition fees, books and living expenses when they select studying abroad.

Many Sri Lankan banks grant student loans to students or their parents to support them with their education abroad.

Different banks grant loans in different amounts depending on requirement and capacity of the repayment.

Student Loan Systems Offered by Sri Lankan Banks

1. Seylan Bank – Seylan Scholar

The loan scheme will fund Overseas Education maximum loan of LKR 7.5 million & repayment up to 7 years.

2. BOC ( Bank of Ceylon ) – Educational Loans

Education is a stepping stone; it is an investment for life. Be it your own studies or the education of your child, we will take over the funding for the studies.

3. Peoples Bank – Educational Loans

Facilities are considered for your local or foreign education needs to cover university fees, living and medical expenses, based on repayment ability, requirement and security offered.

4. Commercial Bank – Educational Loans

Students preparing for a professional examination or a parent or guardian of such a student can apply.
Loans up to LKR 3 million

5. NDB Bank – Educational Loans

Funding for your local and foreign educational needs.
Loan amounts will range from Rs.100,000/- upwards, depending on your repayment capacity.

6. DFCC Vardhana Bank – Nenasa Educational Loans

A loan scheme for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies.
Loan amount determined by the loan Installment that you can pay based on your budget.

7. HSBC – Lifestyle Education Loans

You can apply if you are currently employed in a confirmed post.
Loans upto Rs. 2,500,000

8. The Finance Company – Education Plan

Parents or guardians who wish to send their children overseas to study or students pursuing professional courses can apply.

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