“Pathway International” is appropriately named as “Pathway” because it is your pathway to successful education and work opportunities.

We are painfully aware about the large number of youth of our country who are unable to pursue their studies due to the limited accommodation in our Universities, but as a welcome relief, the modern system of education provides ample opportunities for the youth to enhance their academic and professional qualifications.

We are prudently conscious that money is not the criteria for education. So we hope to serve you best at the cheapest possible cost.

Our consultants are fully qualified and experienced in their relevant fields and will successfully and willingly guide you to the appropriate field of your future career.

We do not claim to be the best but are striving to be the best.

We have not the least doubt that our endeavours to be “the best” on the commitment and service we provide not only to our clients but to our society as a whole.

We aspire to be the best, So we will do our best and You will get the best!

May God bless you.
S Rishard Hamid
Executive Director, Pathway International
Principal, Malwana International School