San Diego is a cosmopolitan city with people and students from all over the world, so if you’re looking for particular local food or something special from home, you’re likely to find it here.
San Diego is reknowned for its blue skies and good climate which makes it the ideal location for flight training. We have plenty of activities to keep you busy, from great beaches for swimming and surfing, bike tracks, hiking in the nearby hills, world class golf courses, buzzing nightlife and plenty of social and cultural events throughout the year. You can even go snow skiing within just a couple of hours of the city during winter.


Commercial pilot training is that training which prepares an individual to act as pilot in command of an aircraft for which he/she is able to fly paying passengers and/or freight for hire and reward. Anyone who wishes to earn a living as a Commercial pilot must undertake a Commercial Pilot Training course with an approved college, holding an Air Operator Certificate to deliver Commercial Pilot Training.

All course costs include all taxes and service fees

Course Flying Hours Title
Course Duration
205 hours 

100 of the 205 hours are Solo/Pilot in Command Hours

205 hour Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument RatingThis is our most popular course with overseas students wishing to prepare themselves for an airline career.

Note: This course includes a Single Engine Instrument Rating.

50 Weeks





221.5 hours


100 of the 221.5 hours are Solo/Pilot in Command Hours

221.5 hour Commercial Pilot Licence including Multi Engine Endorsement and Instrument Rating

This course includes a Single Engine Instrument Rating and Multi Engine Endorsement (16.5 hours Multi Engine Flying in total).

You can elect to undertake a Multi Engine Instrument Rating for an additional fee of $5020. If you select this option we will use the Multi Engine Piper Seneca for 35 hours Instrument Rating training rather than the Cessna 172.  Combined with the Multi Engine Endorsement, this would provide you with a total of 51.5 hours Multi Engine flying.

52 Weeks



55 hours

Private Pilot Licence (including Theory)This is a recreational licence only. You cannot secure a job and be paid to fly with this licence.

16 Weeks


Other courses for experienced pilots.

Single or Multi  Engine Command Instrument Rating

6 Weeks

Please contact us for a quote
Multi Engine Endorsement (15 hours dual flying + 1.5 hours for check ride/flight test)

2 Weeks


Course Start Dates

Our courses start on the second Monday of EVERY month.