The Australian National Airline College has all the facilities you need to prepare for your airline career. We have a large and varied fleet from two seat single engine trainers to large twin engine aircraft. This allows us to provide the best flight lessons in Australia and our flight school students plenty of opportunity to experience different aircraft types and makes.

At Australian National Airline College we are committed to providing the most personalised, flexible flight training available in Australia today. By using the most advanced training tools and techniques available we are able to offer industry leading, state of the art training courses designed to maximise the potential of every student.

In addition, our aviation college has well equipped air conditioned classrooms and a flight planning room with Aviation Meteorology accessed by our computers.

Flight School

A Flight School is an organization holding an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the relevant local licensing authority to provide training in various flight sequences. Most flight schools specialize in either fixed wing flight training or rotary wing (helicopter) flight training. The flight school employs commercial pilot licence holders who have also undertaken Instructor Rating training so that they can teach others to learn to fly.
Flight schools will generally teach both practical and theoretical lessons to prepare their students for their various flight tests. The Flight School will have a number of different aircraft types available so that�s students can gain experience and learn to fly in various aircraft with slightly different aircraft handling characteristics.


Australian National Airline College offers a number of pilot training courses. Click on a course on the table below for detailed course information.

Commercial pilot training is that training which prepares an individual to act as pilot in command of an aircraft for which he/she is able to fly paying passengers and/or freight for hire and reward. Anyone who wishes to earn a living as a Commercial pilot must undertake a Commercial Pilot Training course with an approved college, holding an Air Operator Certificate to deliver Commercial Pilot Training.

All course costs include GST and all service fees

Other courses for experienced pilots.

CRICOS Course Code Title
Course Duration
Commercial Pilot Licence (including multi Engine Command Instrument Rating)
This is our most popular course with overseas students wishing to prepare themselves for an airline career.
72 Weeks
AUD$ 73,511
Commercial Pilot Licence (including Theory and Private Pilot Licence)

This course will provide you with a licence that allows you to work and fly under Visual Flight Rules. Suitable for some jobs but restricts your career options. Note: It is possible to start with this course and complete your Instrument Rating later however please contact us so we can explain the pro’s and con’s if you are planning this course of action.

52 Weeks
AUD$ 54,974
050131G Private Pilot Licence (including Theory)This is a recreational licence only. You cannot secure a job and be paid to fly with this licence.
24 Weeks
AUD$ 25,193

Other courses for experienced pilots.

Single Engine Command Instrument Rating
16 Weeks

Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating

16 Weeks

Course Start Dates:

  • Wednesday 9th October 2013
  • Wednesday 27th November 2013
  • Wednesday 22nd January 2014
  • Wednesday 12th March 2014
  • Wednesday 14th May 2014
  • Wednesday 9th July 2014
  • Wednesday 10th September 2014
  • Wednesday 29th October 2014

NOTE: If the course start dates here do not suit you, please ask contact us so that we can discuss a starting time more suitable for you.

Aerobatics Endorsement
An Aerobatics Endorsement will provide you with skills that enable you to control the aircraft in all situations from upside down to spining to vertical. You will learn how to roll, loop and spin the aircraft. The Endorsement will enhance your confidence and aircraft handling ability. Although it is not a formal requirement of your CPL training the Aerobatics Endorsement is certainly worth considering adding to your course of training.